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Dylan Wiliam is a world renowned educational leader and researcher specializing in teacher development and formative assessment.  On today's podcast, Dylan shares the key aspects of formative assessment, thoughts on teacher development and formative assessment and some practical ideas to consider for your teaching.


In addition to hearing Dylan speak about formative assessment and learning, there are some useful links included. Dylan will also be speaking on embedding formative assessment into daily practice at Oakland Schools on Feb 1, 2017.  More information about this event and a registration link is provided below.

Dylan Wiliam at Oakland Schools

The Dylan Wiliam website

Practical Ideas for Formative Assessment

Classroom Assessment Minute by Minute

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In July 2016, Oakland Schools had a significant reorganization. During this reorganization, smaller units were formed from the existing larger departments and some additional administrative roles were created. A number of these units are part of the District and School Services. Dr. Heidi Kattula is the Executive Director of District and School Services at Oakland Schools.

Heidi Kattula

In this podcast, Heidi talks about how the reorganization can support Oakland County educators, some of the exciting innovations in education and some of the challenges, as well as sharing some personal information as to who she is.

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The ability to collect, and store, vast amounts of information about students is becoming increasingly easier and cheaper.

At its best, this information can be used to support students, at its worst, the information can be used against students often without their knowledge. This information can be stored, and manipulated, forever.

Chris Gilliard, Hugh CulikDaniel Hoops and Jason Almerigi provide an insightful and interesting discussion on this issue.

Some links to sites mentioned in the podcast:



Data Quality Campaign

A Parents Guide to Student Privacy

Data Mining and Students: A Curated Resource

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Jeff  Grabill is a Professor of Rhetoric and Professional Writing and Chair of the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures here at Michigan State University. He is  a senior researcher with WIDE Research (Writing in Digital Environments) and also a co-founder of Drawbridge Incorporated, an educational technology company. He studies how digital writing is associated with citizenship and learning. He has published two books on community literacy and articles in journals like College Composition and Communication, Technical Communication Quarterly, Computers and Composition, and English Education.






Bill Hart-Davidson earned his Ph.D. in 1999 in Rhetoric & Composition from Purdue University. He is a Senior Researcher at Writing in Digital Environments Research at Matrix. In 2014, he will begin a three year appointment as Associate Dean of Graduate Studies in the College of Arts & Letters. He is a co-inventor of Eli Review, a software service that supports writing instruction. Eli is a system based on research and pedagogy developed with his colleagues at WIDE.




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Hugh Culik has been a high school English teacher, a novelist, a grant writer, an English Professor and Chair of the UDM English Department, Executive Director of the Upper Peninsula’s Bonifas Art Center, and has been an instructor at Macomb Community College for the past seven years. Throughout these lives, he has frequently published about the relationship of mathematics and literature.

He credits Chris Gilliard for a large part of his skepticism of “digital culture.”

Chris Gilliard has been a professor for 20 years, teaching writing, literature, and digital studies at a variety of institutions, including Purdue University, Michigan State University, the University of Detroit, and currently Macomb Community College. His students have gone on to graduate programs at a variety of schools: University of Colorado, University of Michigan, University of Illinois, Columbia, University of Chicago, and elsewhere. Chris is interested in questions of privacy, surveillance, data mining, and the rise in our algorithmically determined future.

Chris and Hugh are part of a group of scholars and activists who are concerned with the ways ed tech companies have made their way into the classroom in ways that not only erode student privacy and make student data available to advertisers and other “third parties”, but also have the potential to create permanent profiles of students in the name of personalized learning.

Contact Info:

Chris Gilliard's email

Hugh Culik email


Electronic Privacy Information Center

Fordham University: Center for Law and Information Policy

Dana Boyd

The Black Box Society

Audrey Watters

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Most of Dr. Popham's teaching career took place at UCLA where, for nearly 30 years, he taught courses in instructional methods for prospective teachers as well as courses in evaluation and measurement for graduate students. At UCLA he won several distinguished teaching awards. In January 2000, he was recognized by UCLA Today as one of UCLA's top 20 professors of the 20th century. In 1992, he took early retirement from UCLA upon learning that emeritus professors received free parking.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Popham

On Feb 6, 2015 Dr. Popham will present Formative Assessment in Action at Oakland Schools, Waterford, Michigan.

This presentation will focus on:

  • The what and why of formative assessment in the classroom.
  • The limitations of formative assessment.
  • New updates and insights about formative assessment.
  • The four levels of formative assessment will be defined using concrete examples with opportunities for engagement (Teacher Instructional Engagement, Students Learning Adjustments, Classroom Climate Shift, and School Wide Implementation).

To register for presentation, please click on Formative Assessment in Action

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Will Richardson is a world renowned speaker, presenter, and educator who focuses on rethinking and transforming education. Will shares his thoughts on how to support students' learning to maximize the opportunities that are available to students today.

To learn more about Will Richardson check out his website: willrichardson.com

The website has many resources, books, and TED talks.

Modern Learners Website

Will's Twitter is: https://twitter.com/willrich45

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Join us for a discussion with a small group of Year 11 students who share their thoughts on what education means to them. They discuss what they find helpful and what they do not find helpful.

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Dr. Douglas Fisher
Dr. Douglas Fisher joined the Department of Educational Leadership in 2011 having served as Professor of Language and Literacy Education in the Department of Teacher Education at San Diego State University since 1998. In addition, he is a teacher and administrator at Health Sciences High & Middle College. He has served as a teacher, language development specialist, and administrator in public schools and non-profit organizations, including 8 years as the Director of Professional Development for the City Heights Collaborative, a time of increased student achievement in some of San Diego's urban schools.
He is the recipient of an International Reading Association Celebrate Literacy Award, a member of the California Reading Hall of Fame, the Farmer award for excellence in writing from the National Council of Teachers of English, as well as a Christa McAuliffe award for excellence in teacher education. In 2011, his book Implementing RTI with English Learners, won the innovation award from the Academy of Educational Publishers.
Doug is a researcher who is interested in school improvement, especially in the area of quality instruction. Some of his many books are linked here:
His website is: www.fisherandfrey.com
Oakland Schools Presentation by Dr. Fisher, Oct 29, 2014:
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Bryan Dean, an Oakland Schools' Consultant, recently presented at Harvard University on Universal Design for Learning (UDL).  Bryan talks about what UDL is, why it is a powerful approach, how  it relates the the Common Core, how it differs from differentiation and resources to know more about it.


To learn more about UDL, Oakland Schools' has a Oakland Schools' UDL webpage

There is also a Professional Learning Network Blog

On November 6: Katie Novak Presentation on UDL at Oakland Schools

For more information contact:  Bryan.Dean@oakland.k12.mi.us


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